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What Driving in Mongolia Looks Like

We spent 2 weeks on a Mongolian road trip through the Gobi Desert and Central Mongolia. Here’s what I knew prior to leaving:

1) Virtually no roads outside the capital city are paved
2) Roads are bumpy
3) There might be mud and other obstacles
4) Breakdowns are very common


Although those are all true, they don’t really put into perspective the craziness¬†of driving in Mongolia. It’s not for the faint hearted; for the many times I held on for dear life I think I actually got an ab workout.

Let’s introduce our vehicle, an old russian van:


A river, eh no obstacle for these wheels


A huge gorge? No problem!

Farm animals? Only everyday


Breakdowns? Not us, but our dutch friends in a “regular” van. Well, let’s tow them for 20km along a long, bumpy and windy dirt road!


To thank us for kindly allowing 2 extra passengers into our van, they gave us all beer… to drink on the long, bumpy and windy road.


Oh, and don’t forget to watch out for Horses


And there you have it. Driving in Mongolia, leave it to the professionals.

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